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      Drivers List      

This is the list of members and parents willing to drive to and from events.






Jordan Long
Candace Mayer
Matt Winer
Adam Golfer
Jared Segal


I don't know how accurate this is anymore... sorry. -Mike


Shari and Darrel Argue

Silver Spring
Rochelle and Stephen Eisenberg Columbia
Cindy Feinberg Olney (sometimes)
Bob Fleishman / Laurie Remer Columbia
Dan Fox / Ronnie Brown Burtonsville
Judy Katz Silver Spring
Helen Lowe / Metzman
Frances Makino
Karen Meckler / Brad Sachs Columbia
Linda and Art Solomon North Laurel / Fulton
Wendy Steinhorn  Highland / Clarksville
Wendy and Ron Tosh Ellicot City
Dave and Gail Whitman Laurel
Paul and Susan Wilson Severn not available on Saturday
Audrey Winer Ellicot City