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    Frequently Asked Questions   

Who can join Oseh BBYO?

BBYO is intended for Jewish Youth between 9th-12th grade. 8th graders are invited to join halfway into the year. Membership in Oseh Shalom Synagogue is NOT a prerequisite for membership. To join contact either the advisors or the current godol (see bottom of page).

Who runs Oseh BBYO?

Oseh BBYO is run by a youth elected board elected every six months. The synagogue does not coordinate Oseh BBYO, but actively supports it.

Who supervises BBYO events?

All events typically have our two advisors. All advisors throughout BBYO must be over the age of 21 and registered with the regional office. If our advisors cannot attend a program, other parents will be present to provide adequate supervision.

What about drugs and alcohol?

BBYO International has a strict policy against drugs and alcohol within the BBYO code of conduct. Please contact the advisors with any questions.

I'm concerned about teen drivers, what can I do?

Many times our members of driving age will be driving other members to council events in Rockville or other Oseh events as part of a program. If this is a concern with you, do not hesitate to contact the current Godol/N'siah (Chapter Youth President) or our advisors (contact information may be found here). You are always welcome to drive your child if you choose or create your own carpool with other parents. The chapter is not responsible to find an adult to drive your child if you do not want them driving with other older teenage members.

I still have questions...what now?

    Contact the current president or an advisor:


Sarah Beth Brodsky
Mitchell Elliott Liebeskind