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    History of the Beavers     

The Annals of Oseh Shalom BBYO #5261

The Beginning:

The Oseh Shalom Synagogue had been in existence for a number of years, and it finally got their own building in 1991 after holding services and Hebrew school in a small six-sided building for a number of years. Then the desire to have a youth group arose within the synagogue. Many youth groups came to Oseh to vie for the position of youth group for the Synagogue. After listening to all of them, the Synagogue decided to go with BBYO. Choosing between Baltimore and D.C. Council, the Synagogue chose D.C. Council because of the closeness of Laurel to Rockville.

The First Generation -

1st Godol: Eric Globerman ~ circa 1993 ~ the small amount of members in the chapter were paid for by the Synagogue. It was simple and not too organized, but the chapter excelled in AZA Football and it was a basic small social group that met occasionally.

2nd Godol: Jeff Wolinksy ~ decided to do away with the political side of BBYO, and made the chapter primarily a social group. More members, that came from the Hebrew School Classes of the Synagogue joined the Chapter, but the chapter had started to dwindle.

3rd Godol: Lee Liebeskind ~ took on the very small chapter of 14 members and reigned for three years. During Lee's term, Jhanna Levin was asked to be the advisor for a couple weeks by her brother, and ended up becoming a permanent pillar for the new chapter. For the first time, actual programs we're planned out, more connections with D.C. Council grew, and what appeared as a real chapter emerged.

The Second Generation -

4th N'siah: Judy Bacharach - Fall Term 1997 ~ the first ever KidNap brought in more members for the chapter. During Judy's term many connections with the Council grew with Judy having many friends in Rockville.

5th Godol Josh Brodsky - Spring Term 1998 ~ During this term, brotherhood and pride led to a chapter identity that emerged at this time. The first Chapter Convention was held at the end of the term, and the first lifetimes were given.

6th N'siah Lena Steinhorn - Fall Term 1998, Spring Term 1999 ~ Lena transformed the chapter into a legitimate BBYO chapter, increasing programs, membership, education, and an overall BBYO identity. Many rituals were introduced, and the chapter won The Bisgyer award.

The Third Generation -

7th Godol Noah Bers - Fall Term 1999


Editors note: This is as far as we ever managed to complete the Oseh history. Completion is doubtful, seeing as Swanner and I are both graduated.